Services We Provide

Introducing the TeknoArc Team

TeknoArc team relies on 20 years of combined IT knowledge & business experiences.
Provides clients with customized IT Base solutions to meet their inquiries.

Our principle is to suggest innovative IT solutions and advices on:

– LMS , E-Learning & Webinars
– Network systems & Date Centre ( Passive & Active)
– Web Designing
– Digital Marketing

having over 10,000 active students & practitioners in E-Learning has help our community to:

  • Removes the time & space limitation in training
  • Β increase the possibility of training for anyone regardless of the age
  • Β improving the connection between educators and students
  • Β Distributes the advantage of the professional teachers across the country
  • Strengthen and improve the text by using examples, animation and other multimedia & etc

TeknoArc boasts over helping environment to save the cost of national recourse spends over education.

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